Welcome to Crystal Clarity!

Crystal Clarity is devoted to assisting you discover your truest, inner nature. The path of unfolding one’s deeper potential is an amazing journey. I use a variety of modalities, based on individual need and preference.
Proper breathing techniques are important, supplying much needed energy to the body and mind. Additional benefits of breath-work include increased alertness, and emotional stability.
Guided introspective methods, such as “The Journey” by Brandon Bays, “Visionary Leadership” by Kevin Billet and “The Work” by Byron Katie are integral to self-discovery. These amazing arts have aided many to soar in career development, as well as find freedom from phobias, depression, and fear/anger issues.
Kunlun Nei Gung, as taught by Max Christensen, is based on ancient, traditional, Eastern teachings. Kunlun exercises and disciplines offer a way to improve your physical strength, and to change your inner alchemy.
Reiki is a wonderful form of energy work, and is very easy to learn. As a Reiki Master Teacher, I find assisting others develop their innate healing gifts a deeply rewarding experience. Students leave with the ability to assist themselves, as well as others.
Combining intuition with these skills further assists me to support you in becoming who you truly are. My work presents as “East meets West”, each acting to enhance the other. I look forward to acting as your facilitator, on your chosen path to self- discovery, and self-empowerment. “You” are waiting to meet you. ~ Douglas Kent Purcell


From a young age Douglas was inquisitive about “what is there” and “what makes us who we are?’ Today he says “All the skills I’ve learned have added to my natural intuition, opening up a beautiful world. I love what I do My passion is to grow and to help you grow. Step into your potential, you are worth it!"

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